Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance: Supply List

This post is for a series called “Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance,” which helps teachers with the basics.

Many people have been asking about what supplies they might need or want for implementing Benchmark Advance. I’ve compiled a list of supplies you may find useful. I recommend getting your feet wet with the program first and then deciding on what you need that will complement your teaching style. And of course, see what your school provides, first! The list below includes items that I personally used on a regular basis during ELA.

  • Chart Paper and Fun Markers
    There are lots of charts to make during lessons. I personally keep giant post-it sticky posters and a roll of white butcher paper on hand at all times.
  • Tools for Annotating
    Students are taught to annotate beginning in Kinder!
    Flair pens for modeling annotations
    Pencils or erasable pens
    Colored pencils
    Post-it notes to annotate in leveled readers (these books are not consumable!)
  • Student Organization
    My students travel with the following from whole-group to small groups.
    – Two-pocket folder

What goes inside the folders?

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3 thoughts on “Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance: Supply List”

  1. Hello,
    I have 2 questions. Does your planner have social studies activities/projects For benchmark units?
    2nd question is there anywhere to incorporate the other subjects in this planner?

    • I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now! I don’t include projects in the planner. And yes, there are pages for regular daily lesson plans for all subjects 🙂

  2. Thank you for the suggested student materials for k-1. I don’t want to overwhelm my little ones but I want them to be organized. Also, plastic folders are a great idea!


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