Planning + Organization

Breaking Down Benchmark Assessments 

Benchmark Assessments All too often, we hear from teachers sharing concerns about assessments being too long or not being user-friendly. Let’s chat about ways to make the assessments more useful! In this post, we discuss how we can make tests more understandable for students and ways to make time for

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Designing a Quality Anchor Chart

Starting my career out working for Los Angeles Unified School District, I was placed in a school that had predominantly English Language Learners. My particular third-grade class was almost entirely made up of ELLs, so in my first few years of teaching, I learned many different teaching strategies that helped

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The Five-Day Week With Benchmark Advance

Have you ever taken more than one week to get to all the week’s lessons in a Benchmark Advance unit? Of course you have! There’s just SO MUCH. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard overwhelmed teachers wonder how we’re supposed to fit it all in. I can

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