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Social and Emotional Learning

Author: Jeremy CroweJeremy is a fourth grade teacher in Chicago, who specializes in social and emotional learning. He is passionate about instilling self-awareness, personal accountability, and empathy in his students. You can find him over in the Markers and Minions Teacher Community Facebook group with weekly posts every Tuesday. What is Social and Emotional Learning (S.E.L)? Social and ... Read More about Social and Emotional Learning

Math Small Groups: Common Struggles & How to Fix Them

The thought of starting math small groups can be overwhelming without support and ideas. Over the years, I’ve tweaked the way I’ve implemented math small groups in order to help support the group of third-graders that I currently have. When I first started math small groups, I struggled with the time management piece before I found a routine that worked well for my classroom. The intention of this ... Read More about Math Small Groups: Common Struggles & How to Fix Them

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