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Using a “Math Menu” During Small Groups

In our first blog post about teaching math in small groups, we talked about using a math menu as one of the independent rotations. The math menu is a list of may-do activities that can be completed independently, and that allow for practice of the math skill. Since then, we've gotten lots of questions in the Markers and Minions Teacher Community Facebook group about what can be included on the ... Read More about Using a “Math Menu” During Small Groups

Math in Small Groups

Author: Simone Vega, M.A.Simone is a third grade teacher with a Master's Degree in Math Education. She specializes in small group math instruction. You can find her over in the Markers and Minions Teacher Community Facebook group. Why math in small groups? "What are math groups? When I first started teaching, I was under the impression that math was always taught whole-group. I taught ... Read More about Math in Small Groups

The Pros and Cons of Going Digital in the Classroom

Do you use digital resources in your classroom? Have you fully embraced it, or do you still cling to paper and pencil? Technology is becoming more and more accessible every year, but there are pros and cons to integrating tech into the classroom. I think it’s important to find a healthy balance when using tech in the classroom. Relying on it too much or ignoring it completely can both be ... Read More about The Pros and Cons of Going Digital in the Classroom

Managing a Combo with Benchmark Advance

In September, I got to meet with Melissa Bush, a 4/5 combo teacher, to come up with a master schedule in hopes of making her Benchmark block more manageable. We cleared off my dining room table and set out sticky notes in order to make a visual plan. We had sticky notes to label: 4th grade, 5th grade, the different time slots, the guided reading block, and some of the independent center ... Read More about Managing a Combo with Benchmark Advance

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