Unit 5 of Benchmark Advance

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All About Unit 5!

The themes for Unit 5 across all grade levels, taken directly from the Teacher’s Resource System (TRS), are as follows:

Kindergarten: Technology at Home and School

Essential Question: Why do we use technology?

In this unit, students read and compare selections about technology to understand its benefits and drawbacks.

First Grade: Technology at Work

Essential Question: How can technology make a difference in our lives?

In this unit, students read and compare selections about inventors and their inventions to understand how technology is made and works.

Second Grade: Solving Problems Through Technology

Essential Question: Where do ideas for inventions come from?

In this unit, students read and compare selections about technology, innovations, and innovative thinkers and analyze the role technology plays in society.

Third Grade: Advancements in Technology

Essential Question: What is the value of innovation?

In this unit, students will read and compare selections about advances in technology to understand the value of innovation.

Fourth Grade: Technology for a Green Future

Essential Question: How do we make decisions about developing new technology?

In this unit, students will read and compare selections about developing new technology for a green future.

Fifth Grade: Technology’s Impact on Society

Essential Question: What value does technology bring to people’s lives?

In this unit, students will read and compare literary and nonfiction selections about the role that technology has played in people’s lives.

Sixth Grade: Technology in the 21st Century

Essential Question: How do we take responsibility in making advances in technology?

In this unit, students will read and compare selections about how people use technology.

Anchor Chart for Unit 5

I begin this unit with an anchor chart to introduce the idea of innovation. The chart highlights the following categories: characteristics of inventors, problems/needs, solutions/impact, and other inventions created afterwards. It is meant to teach students that people invent in order to solve problems or to address a need, and that innovation works like a cycle, leading to other advancements that improve upon one another.

Projects and Extension Ideas

This is a really exciting unit that the students love! I usually extend this unit to at least four weeks and bring in a bunch of extra fun activities. In grades K-2, a project that is usually a big hit for this unit is to build your own robot. Students use materials from either around their homes or classroom and build a robot. Then students write about their robot and what their robot can do. In grades 2-6, a fun idea is to bring in a research project where students research a famous inventor throughout history. I have my students create Google Slides presentations on their inventors. If you’re a member of my Facebook group, you can access our Shared Google Drive for my inventor project pages/Slides presentation template.

Discussing Projects and Extension Ideas

Above all, my favorite project to do with the kids is my Design Your Own App Project. Students work in groups to invent an app that solves a real-world problem. They are taken through the brainstorming stages (involving a proposal, pitch, and business plan) to the publishing stages where they create a poster featuring their app. I then have my students come in business attire and pitch their apps to other classes for a App Fair event. This projects is suitable for grades 2+ and is always a favorite!

Unit 5 Planning

*Virtually “plan with me” in the two videos below. You can follow along using my free planning templates.

That’s all for now! I hope this helps you prep and plan for Unit 5. Feel free to leave me comments on this post with any questions, and Pin the following image to bookmark this post!

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