Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance – Teacher Tips

This post is for a series called “Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance,”
which helps teachers with the basics. This specific post provides tips shared by teachers who are already in the BA trenches.

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blog posts included in this “Quick Guide” Series. 

A MESSAGE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: This is a good message to keep in mind as you get started
SUPPLY LIST: A short list of items you may want to purchase for your students
MATERIALS OVERVIEW: A shortcut page to reference materials in the program
WHOLE VS. SMALL GROUP INSTRUCTION: What everyone is doing and using in whole and small group time
PLANNING: Tips for planning a unit and week effectively

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2 thoughts on “Quick Guide to Benchmark Advance – Teacher Tips”

  1. If you are new to Benchmark the most exciting thing I found was how much my students liked the stories. I was worried about that and was pleasantly surprised with how much they enjoyed them!!! Also, do not try and do it all your first year; pick and choose different things in the units and give it a try to see what works.


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