A Collaborative List of Great Read Aloud Titles

I see this question pop up all the time; “What are some suggested read alouds for ___ grade?” I decided to create a Google Sheet where we can all go in and add our suggestions for good read alouds. You can also use the list to get suggestions. As with all things collaborative, remember to give more than you take so that the list can grow into a valuable resource for everyone!

Remember, anyone can edit this Google Sheet!

Anyone can click on the link and type directly onto the list. Whatever you type will be PUBLIC and shared with the world! Since this is a shared, live resource, you should not:

  1. Delete anything.
  2. Add in personal notes.
  3. Add in anything that is not meant to be there.

If you wish to make your own copy that is NOT live, open up the Google Sheet and click File > Make a Copy. Keep in mind that your copy will NOT receive the live updates whenever someone goes in to add book titles.

Access the Collaborative Read-Aloud List here.

Benchmark Advance Teachers

In the Review and Routines days, a “suggested read aloud” list is referenced quite a bit. It’s not true, friends. There is no suggested read aloud list for the first 15-20 days. You’re meant to use your own favorite books from your own library to teach classroom routines and procedures.

There are suggested read aloud lists for the different units. You can find them by going to the Additional Resources tab in your TRS. You can also find a PDF version of the recommended trade book lists for ALL grades and ALL units on Benchmark Universe. After logging in, click on Program Reference Guide, and then scroll down until you see Recommended Trade Books.

Benchmark Universe > Program Reference Guide > Recommended Trade Books

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