Using Printable Sticky Notes for Close Reading and Student Engagement

Since learning how to print on post-it notes, I’ve become a little obsessed with creating these cute little guys! I’ve made teeny messages for students, notes for other teachers, annotating stickies, and close reading post-its. The possibilities are endless! However, we all know it’s a teacher’s worst nightmare to jam the printer, so it can be a little scary printing on post-its for the first time. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

How to Print on Sticky Notes

Step 1: Buy cute sticky notes.

Step 2: Print out the blank template. You can keep using this template over and over if you print on heavier paper.

Step 3: Label a corner of the template, put it back in your printer’s tray, and do a couple of test prints. This is important to figure out how the paper is fed through your printer whenever you print something. This took me a couple of tries, but now that I know how my printer works, I won’t have to repeat this step again.

Step 4: Place sticky notes on each square on the template.

Step 5: Place in your printer’s tray and print.

Step 6: Become addicted and put sticky notes everywhere!

Using Sticky Notes for Close Reading

Annotating text is such an important reading strategy for our young readers to learn. It helps them engage with and connect to text. Close Reading Sticky Notes are a great way for students to annotate as they are reading their favorite books. They’re small and easy to store in their reading journals or folders, and there’s juuuust enough space on each sticky note for a quick stop & jot.

They’re also a fun way for students to apply reading strategies and skills being taught during guided reading. Print and store each page of sticky notes in a sheet protector and keep them by your guided reading table. You can keep them all in a binder or folder and have it handy during small group time. The notes will become less sticky each time you peel them off, so try to avoid taking them off before you’re ready to use them!

30+ printable sticky notes that students can use when annotating and close reading non-consumable texts. These are great to use during guided reading time or when teaching students how to annotate while close reading!

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