Managing Independent Reading Using Google Forms

Independent reading time is an essential component within the literacy block. Today we will discuss manageable and engaging ways to promote student reflection that can make independent reading fun while creating accountability for students. 

The Benefits of Independent Reading

I personally have just stumbled back to finding a love for independent reading. I really don’t recall reading for enjoyment since before my college days. With adults, I find this to be common. So much of our reading is forced or academic. However, picking up a book based on personal interest can really help to build reading stamina. This year, I set a personal goal to read a few books, 3 to be exact but as I have reestablished my love of reading, I have read 20 books this year! 

Giving our students the opportunity to develop this love of reading through independent time that incorporates book choice can have the same effect. If we are teaching our students reading skills such as visualization, etc., they will incorporate these practices as they read independently and build knowledge through a variety of texts. 

Using Google Forms Track Independent Reading

Google Forms can be a lifesaver when trying to manage independent reading in the classroom. Google Forms can be used with or without student accounts or emails which makes them super user friendly! By providing students with a link, a form can be accessed that allows them to share information about the texts they are reading. The best part is, the information shared doesn’t have to be ALL academic. Students can share their favorite part of a text, they can create a “book review” and creatively discuss the books they read. 

Using a Digital Reading Log

I have created a Digital Reading Log that uses Google Forms. It is unique because it is adaptive to student responses based on the type of text students are reading. After students enter information about the text, including the title and if the text is fiction or non-fiction, the questions to follow are customized! 

The best part of about this is the simplicity in reviewing the student responses. Once students submit their responses, a spreadsheet populates that includes all of the information that was input by your kiddos! You can read through all of their reflective responses in one place! This is a great accountability system that is manageable! 

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