Resource Creation Team Member

Markers and Minions is looking for team members to handle all things related to teaching resource creation! If you are someone who enjoys designing, who can learn about a teaching topic to then create something, and who can take initiative with project ideas, then this may be a position for you. Educational background/experience is not required.

You must be familiar with designing using PowerPoint, be strong in time and project management, be eager to learn and grow, and be willing to take initiative!

At Markers and Minions, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work or putting in the hours, but rather for the results you create. An applicant must be able to set goals, measure and track their results, and provide the team with updates on those results.

This remote contractor position requires about 15 hours per week.

Qualities We Are Looking For

  • The ability to take initiative and see a project through to the end. For example, if given simply an idea for a teaching resource, you will research the educational content, create the resource, write the description/sales copy, create the promotional images, and publish the resource.
  • A solid grasp of our brand identity
  • A good eye for design and ability to learn the design style in the teacher niche
  • Professional communication. We hold team meetings to report progress and set goals.

Our Values

  • Integrity:  If we say we’re going to do something, we do it.  We follow-through on what we say and are doing, we keep to deadlines and see things through to completion.  We take 100% responsibility for our actions and aren’t into blaming others.  
  • Hard Work: We believe in defining and setting goals for growth, measuring and tracking progress, and reporting on that progress. When given a vision of the end result, we take ownership and accomplish that vision. We have high expectations for ourselves and the team. 
  • Initiative: We are creative thinkers and we are problem solvers. We take the initiative to find ways to grow the business, take action, and see our goals through to the end. We are resourceful, willing to make suggestions, seek out new ideas while coming to the table with new ideas and are outside-the-box thinkers.
  • Attention to Detail: We take the time to make sure our work is professional and polished. What we create is high-quality and error free. We are willing to grow and improve in our work.
  • Service: We design educational resources to support teachers. Our resources make teachers feel effective and confident in their practice. We work hard to make our teachers feel appreciated, heard, and supported. We make them feel like they can ask questions and ask for help.


Your role will involve three key areas: researching educational topics, creating materials that are student and teacher friendly, and publishing the resource.


You will be given ideas for resources to create. Sometimes you will be given a template with directions, and other times you will just be given the idea/challenge.

  • Be able to learn the educational content needed in order to create a resource (for example, studying an online math lesson to learn how a specific math standard is taught)
  • Create an outline that includes the sources you used to learn about the topic and the outline for your resource


  • Be able to use PowerPoint to design teaching resources with students and teachers in mind (for example: low prep, explicit directions, nothing busy or distracting, etc.)
  • Our resources are full of substance and no fluff. Teachers say that Markers and Minions resources are thorough, top notch, and make them feel like they are doing their jobs better. We do not create one-off cutesy resources that are maybe used once. Teachers rely on our materials not only to teach their students, but to pass teacher evaluations and to gather data about their students.
  • Be able to design using brand guidelines (fonts, colors, spacing, style)
  • Have a good eye for formatting (centering text, text sizing, using graphics and clip art to support learning, not too much white space)
  • Have a clear understanding of how the resource will be used and then design accordingly. For example, if it’s a printed resource, you won’t want to use colored ink or too much black ink because teachers have to make lots of copies. If it’s a digital resource, the colors used must show up on various device screens and be visible enough for students who have vision problems.
  • Be able to double and triple check work for errors, including spelling, content, and grammatical errors.


  • Password protect the resource, if applicable
  • Finalize with a cover page, if applicable
  • Create a preview file so that buyers can get a clear idea of what they are purchasing
  • Create a cover image and product thumbnail images that are in line with the brand and that make the buyer want to click to learn more about the product
  • Write the product description (sales copy) that outlines the product, what problem it solves for teachers or students, and explains how to implement the product. This is the part that sells the resource the most!
  • Publish the product on Teachers Pay Teachers using the product upload tool
  • Publish to
  • Create UTM links for the products on TpT for social media, blog, and email


You are a good fit for this contractor position if the requirements listed below fit your levels of experience:

  • You have a genuine interest in designing educational materials 
  • You are organized and efficient with good time management (good project turnaround time)
  • You are driven to learn educational content needed to create a resource around it
  • You have a good eye for design and can create captivating graphics and design elements
  • You have experience with writing sales copy needed for the product descriptions
  • You’re willing to immerse yourself in understanding our customer avatar and getting to know their pain points and beliefs in order to support and nurture them
  • You enjoy working with a team, setting goals, sharing progress
  • You have a genuine interest in helping the company grow


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