How to Create a Fun Computer Desktop Organizer

Did you catch my first Design With Me video? If not, I highly recommend you start there, as it covers a lot of the basics of digital resource design!

On Episode 02 of Design With Me, I show you how to create a customized desktop wallpaper organizer. I showed mine off, kind of by accident, during Video #1, and so many of you asked how I did it, I wanted to create a video walkthrough for you! 

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What’s the purpose of a desktop wallpaper organizer? 

In a nutshell? To be more organized! I don’t know about you, but my computer’s desktop can quickly become a big, cluttered mess. Random screenshots, files I haven’t put anywhere yet, stuff I’ve been meaning to get to but forget about…

My solution? I designed a custom desktop template in Powerpoint. You can also use Google Slides if that’s what you have!

What’s on your computer desktop organizer template? 

My organizing wallpaper is split down the middle, with a calendar, an inspirational quote, and/or family photos on the left (depends on my mood that month!). On the right, I have 3 sections: 

✅ Personal 
✅ Work 
✅ To Do

During the school year, I bump Work to the top, during less busy months, Personal goes to the top! 

And yes, I do create a new one of these each month. Once you have your basic template set up, it’s super easy to swap out! And with the exception of changing the dates on calendar, you could use these year-after-year. 

When I save something to my desktop, I drag it to the correct space. At the start of each month, when I swap my wallpaper, I drag any relevant files to that space so they’re front and center for me! For example, in August, I would drag my Back-to-School resource folder to my Work section. At the end of the month, I drag it back to it’s usual storage spot on my drive 🙂

How do you get those fun ombre colors? 

Custom colors are super fun to play with when you’re designing! If you already know what color you like, great! Otherwise, here are a few methods to get your color just so: 

❤️️ Go to Pinterest or Google and search “color palettes” for inspiration. Add mood words to fit the look you’re going for. Example: “fall color palette,” “fun & sassy color palette,” “favorite color palette for kindergarten classrooms.” You’ll be amazed at how specific you can get with your searches!

? Find the hex codes. Hex codes look something like this: #714242, and they represent very particular shades. If you know the hex code you want, go to your Paint bucket → More fill colors → Custom → then enter your hex code

? Use the eyedropper to “grab” a color you love. You’ll follow the same steps as above, but instead of entering a code, you can select the eyedropper tool, then click on the shade from a photo or web page, and add it to that section of your table. 

? Adjust the opacity for the ombre effect! Here’s how: Grab the whole table → Fill with the same color, then go to More Fill Colors → Opacity. Choose 75% for the middle box, 50% for the lower box (or adjust according to your preferences!)

The most important part? Go with what makes you feel happy, calm, and organized! Goodness knows we need all of those things right now. 

Share your desktop wallpaper creations with me, and be sure to like my FB page to catch all the Design With Me videos! 

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