End of The Year Activities and Ideas

We have reached the final home stretch of the school year! For many, these last few weeks can be a bit of a whirlwind from end-of-the-year celebrations, awards, field trips, parties, graduations, packing up your classroom, and just wrapping up all of those loose ends of the school year. You only have a few more days left with your wonderful students that you have spent all year getting to know, teaching, and most of all, having fun with. You may be wrapping up the end of your final units in ELA or Math and are wondering, “What am I going to do the last week or days of school with my students?” Giving them a headstart into summer break too early can be chaotic in the classroom, so here are a few easy ideas that I have used at the end of the school year to keep my students engaged and reflecting on their school year. 

The first activity that my students have loved doing is the End of Year Portfolios. This portfolio is available in both printable and digital format. Students can use the portfolio to prepare themselves for their next school year and be ready to share with their new teacher their strengths and learning this year. This portfolio is more than just a memory book because students are not only able to write and share their favorite moments from the year, but they are also able to share all that they were proud to have accomplished during their year. There is even a spot for the teacher to write a “letter of recommendation” for the student. Students will be so proud to share this with their future teachers, and it will also prepare them for their future.  

The End-of-Year Activities Pack is another easy and ready-to-go resource that is meaningful during those last weeks of school. This resource includes 25 paper-based activities that incorporate a range of skills; math, writing, inferencing, and art. The End-of-Year Activities Pack is a no-prep resource for you to have for your students that will keep them engaged as they count down the days left for summer. 

End-of-Year Freebie:
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    As you are preparing for the end of the year and your summer break, I hope that you take a moment to enjoy these final moments with your students. You have impacted so many lives, built relationships, and created lasting memories that your students will treasure for their entire lives. The hard work you put into your class every day is not unnoticed, and I want to thank you for all that you do! Now, time to get ready for summer!

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