Content and Community Manager Position

The Markers and Minions team is looking for a qualified community manager. You should be able to act as the face and voice of our brand and manage all community communications. You will be interacting with customers and community members, leaving them feeling heard and supported, and you will create and share content that reflect the needs and interests of our customers.

You must be familiar with the online marketing space, be strong in time and project management, be eager to learn and grow, and be willing to take initiative!

At Markers and Minions, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work or putting in the hours, but rather for the results you create. An applicant must be able to set goals, measure and track their results, and provide the team with updates on those results.

This is a remote contractor position requiring about 10-15 hours per week with the potential to grow.

Qualities We Are Looking For

  • A genuine interest in engaging people in conversations
  • Finesse with asking questions to learn more about a customer’s needs
  • A solid grasp of our brand identity
  • A good eye for design as you will be creating graphics
  • A good sense of empathy
  • Patience
  • Professional communication
  • The ability to deliver quick thoughtful responses
  • Competency in recognizing leads in conversations

Our Values

  • Integrity:  If we say we’re going to do something, we do it.  We follow-through on what we say and are doing, we keep to deadlines and see things through to completion.  We take 100% responsibility for our actions and aren’t into blaming others.  
  • Hard Work: We believe in defining and setting goals for growth, measuring and tracking progress, and reporting on that progress. When given a vision of the end result, we take ownership and accomplish that vision. We have high expectations for ourselves and the team. 
  • Initiative: We are creative thinkers and we are problem solvers. We take the initiative to find ways to grow the business, take action, and see our goals through to the end. We are resourceful, willing to make suggestions, seek out new ideas while coming to the table with new ideas and are outside-the-box thinkers.
  • Attention to Detail: We take the time to make sure our work is professional and polished. What we create is high-quality and error free. We are willing to grow and improve in our work.
  • Service: We design educational resources to support teachers. Our resources make teachers feel effective and confident in their practice. We work hard to make our teachers feel appreciated, heard, and supported. We make them feel like they can ask questions and ask for help.


Your tasks will include supporting members inside our two Facebook groups, creating and sharing content for our Facebook page and Instagram account, and other various administrative tasks within the business. You will also set quarterly goals that will help the business grow and share progress updates with the team.

  • Create and manage a content calendar
  • Create and share engaging content for social media accounts
    • 2 posts/day on Facebook Page
    • 1 post/day on Instagram
    • 3 posts/week in the two Facebook groups
    • Some topics may include teacher motivation, teaching tips, blog post content, lead magnet campaigns, and product highlights.
  • Design and schedule pins
  • Gather research from various platforms to help generate new content
  • Gain an understanding of Makers and Minions products to know when to promote them
  • Organize and manage events/promo campaigns to boost brand awareness (for example, a Back to School campaign)
  • Respond to comments in a timely, friendly, and professional manner
  • Nurture leads in groups to keep members engaged and participating
  • Connect members with existing content, training, resources
  • Create posts to build community and build connections between members
  • Collect common topics to guide content creation
  • Collect posts that need attention from Toluca
  • Share blog content
  • Stay current on digital/tech and educational trends by reading what teachers are talking about within the community
  • Respond to comments in a timely, friendly, and professional manner
  • Plan and schedule posts
  • Collect common topics from Facebook groups to guide content creation
  • Create and schedule pins for Pinterest
  • Finalizing blog posts by creating and adding graphics, adding SEO keywords. scheduling posts on Facebook page, Instagram, and in groups
  • Utilizing for communication and to ensure projects are being completed
  • Monitor, track and report on feedback and online reviews
  • Track conversions and interpret website traffic on WordPress, Woocommerce, and TpT

PROGRAMS USED WITHIN THE COMPANY – project management and communication
WordPress and Woocommerce – blog posts and online store
SocialBee – social media post scheduler
Google Drive – store products, draft emails in Docs
Canva – design graphics
ConvertKit – email system we use to email our list of about 25k teachers


You are a good fit for this contractor position if the requirements listed below fit your levels of experience:

  • You have experience in online marketing, customer service, and community + social media management
  • You have experience with WordPress – managing roles, orders, customer accounts, uploading media and blog posts etc. 
  • You are organized and efficient with good time management – for example, batching work for content creation
  • You have experience with Pinterest
  • You have a good eye for design and can create captivating graphics and design elements for use on social media
  • You possess outstanding communication and organization skills and enjoy creating strong relationships with team members
  • You’re willing to immerse yourself in understanding our customer avatar and getting to know their pain points and beliefs in order to support and nurture them
  • You enjoy interacting with people and making them feel heard and supported. You enjoy solving problems and helping others.
  • Experience using the various programs and platforms we use is preferred though not required


  • Please take the free Enneagram personality test here and take note of your top 3 types.
  • Then, take the DISC assessment here and download the free report at the end (you do not need to share your real email or phone number to take this). You will upload the final report to your application.
  • Last, complete this application.

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