6 Google Slides Tips for Parents and Students

Are you completing assignments on Google Slides and thinking, “Why the heck is the teacher sending a Slides presentation to work on?” Ever open up an assignment and have it tell you that you don’t have permission to access the file?

This video gives 6 tips for working in Google Slides. I’ll show you how to conquer those text boxes without resizing or accidentally deleting them, and you’ll learn how to move graphics either with a click or a tap.

Teachers – you are more than welcome to share this video with your parents and students! Simply use the YouTube URL and push it out as an assignment in Google Classroom.

Tip #1: Never put the slides in present mode!
Tip #2: Adjust the Zoom so the slide is a comfortable size to work off of
Tip #3: The undo button is your best friend
Tip #4: Click on the inside of a graphic to move it
Tip #5: Never request access
Tip #6: Use tables instead of text boxes

Did I miss anything? Leave your best tips in the comments!

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