Classroom Visits

I love visitors! Please look at the booking calendar and let me know which available date (M-Th) you’d like to schedule a classroom visit, then send me an email at If you have a specific area of Benchmark that you’d like to watch me teach, I will let you know what days in the week I’ll be teaching it. I teach whole group instruction from 10:40-11:30 and small groups from 11:30-12:00. Feel free to come observe even on days where I already have visitors booked. Thank you!

Plan with Me Sessions

Plan with Me Sessions are Sundays until 2:00. The last time slot you can book is 12:00-2:00. Please look at my booking calendar and let me know which available dates and times you’d like to schedule your Plan with Me session! Email me at with a few possible dates so that we can decide on a date together. Thank you!

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