Musical Papers Collaborative Peer Editing Game


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Musical Papers is a collaborative game that guides students through a structured and organized peer editing process. It breaks down the editing process into manageable chunks, making the editing more purposeful and focused. This game is led by a PowerPoint presentation that has ten pre-made editing rounds included. They are editable and customizable, too. This can be used for editing any type of writing.

Check out my blog post to read about how we play this game in my class.

How to Play

  1. Have kids put their drafts and student accountability sheet on their desk
  2. Give each student their own colored pencil to edit with
  3. Play music and have them dance around the room. When the music stops, they must sit down at the desk that is closest to them to edit.
  4. Display the PowerPoint slide with the editing objective. Explain exactly what they are editing for and what marks they should use when editing this.
  5. Set the timer and have them edit. When they are done editing for that specific purpose, they stand up behind the chair, indicating they are ready to rotate again.
  6. Repeat!

Student Accountability Sheet

First, distribute the student accountability sheet. Each time a student edits someone else’s paper, they will sign their name under their round. This holds students accountable for thoughtful, constructive editing. There is a student accountability sheet for all ten rounds (pictured) and a half sheet made for five rounds if you choose to only do half the rounds.

Editable PowerPoint Presentation

Project the PowerPoint presentation on your board to let it guide the class through the game. When you click, the timer automatically begins counting down. On each slide, there is an editing task/objective, editing instructions for the students, and an example (where applicable). The pre-made slides have editable text boxes. I used a standard font (Century Gothic), so  the formatting won’t change when you open it on your computer.

Included in this PowerPoint Presentation

  • One PowerPoint file
  • Two student accountability sheets that you can print for each student
  • 10 pre-made customizable slides for editing the following: name, title, capital letters, end punctuation, commas, proper nouns, transition words, spelling, paragraphing, and clarity (feedback). Want to change any of these? No problem!
  •  Timers on each slide
  • A slide with extra timers with different amounts of minutes. You can copy/paste these timers onto any slide.
  • * Music not included

Terms of Use

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Musical Papers Collaborative Peer Editing Game


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