Mentor Text Writing Prompts Year Long BUNDLE (55+ Prompts!)

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This 50+ writing prompt bundle will last you all year.
The Mentor Texts Writing Prompts Series is a collection of writing prompts to be used alongside various picture books. Students will practice responding to reading by writing to sources. This bundle includes 56 writing prompts designed to give students the opportunity to read a familiar mentor text, analyze a writing prompt, find text evidence, draft, revise/edit, and finally publish.
There are three types of prompts:
1. Prompts that require students to write about one picture book (like the one included in this sample).
2. Prompts that require students to write about two similar picture books, drawing on information from both books.
3. Prompts that require students to draw on information from one picture book plus an outside source (that students must find themselves). I included some prompts like these to incorporate research writing standards.
How can I use this resource?
– Whole group direct teaching
– In a literacy center
– During Writer’s Workshop
– Homework for extra practice
– As test prep
Included in Each File:
– “How to Use This Resource” Teacher Guide
– A book list with links to purchase mentor texts on Amazon
– Links to the available mentor texts read aloud on YouTube
– “Analyze the Prompt” student writing prompt page that allows them to analyze the prompt using a color coded system
– “Find Text Evidence” student page that allows students to cite, quote, and paraphrase evidence from their source(s)
– “Draft” student page
– “Revise & Edit” student page that allows students to use a simple strategy for revising and editing their drafts
– Publishing writing pages (with different lines)
* Mentor texts are not included in this download. You can check them out from the library, order them online, or listen to many of them as a read aloud on YouTube. See individual product listings to see lists of mentor texts for each file.
* Please see previews before purchasing!
* These files do not come with student writing samples.
© Markers and Minions
This file comes with one license per purchase. Please respect the time and effort put into my resources by not giving them away to others. If someone you know is interested in owning a license to use this resource, they can purchase an additional license for a discount. This file cannot be reproduced, altered, translated, or redistributed in any way. Doing so is a violation of copyright.
Permission is granted to copy pages specifically for student or teacher use only by the original purchaser or licensee. The reproduction of the product for another use is prohibited. Copying any part of this product and placing it on the Internet (even a personal/classroom website) is prohibited.


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Mentor Text Writing Prompts Year Long BUNDLE (55+ Prompts!)

Original price was: $44.00.Current price is: $34.00.

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