Inflectional Endings – Targeted Instruction for Small Groups + Intervention


Booklets that teach key phonics principles during small groups. Learn the how and why behind inflectional endings, then practice independently and with a partner.

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These booklets provide targeted instruction for inflectional endings (plural and possessive nouns, present and past tense verbs, present + past participle verbs, adjectives -er and -est, possessive nouns -‘s and -s’) for your upper elementary students. These booklets use a variety of words (single-syllable and multisyllabic) to teach and provide practice for the different inflectional endings. Students will learn the different inflectional endings and will explore and practice the pattern through a mini-lesson, independent practice, and a partner game.

Each Booklet Has:

  • A mini-lesson for the teacher that breaks down the rationale for the short vowels pattern, plus linguistic connections
    • Example from a Mini-Lesson: Inflectional endings are sounds added to the end of a word without changing the part of speech the base word belongs to. Adding an inflectional ending may change the meaning of the word slightly, but not how it is used in speech.
    • Linguistic Connection Example: Nouns usually only need an -s to take their plural form. However, words that end with “s”, “ss”, “z”, ”ch”, “sh”, or ”x” will receive the -es ending. For words that end in consonant “y”, change the “y” to an “i” and then add –es (like babies). Words that end in vowel “y” only need an –s (like keys).
  • I Do, We Do, You Do portion of the mini-lesson
  • “Word Exploration” Activity
  • Independent Practice
  • “Mystery Word” Activity (some booklets)
  • Complete the Word Activity (some booklets)
  • Mini Board Game
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Check out these booklets for targeted instructions on syllable types.
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Included In This Resource:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Four Booklets (one for singular vs. possessive nouns, one for different types of inflectional endings for verbs, one for comparative adjectives, and one for teaching the difference between possessive nouns -‘s and -s’)
  • Answer Key
  • Note: This resource comes as a printable PDF. It is not digital. It is not
  • editable.

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Inflectional Endings – Targeted Instruction for Small Groups + Intervention


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