Hands-On Word Work Activities (Benchmark Advance, First Grade, Unit 2)


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These word work activities provide students with a variety of activities to practice and reinforce phonological awareness skills. Students will practice onset + rime, real and nonsense words, phoneme segmentation, spelling, phonics, typing, writing, rhyming, phonemic awareness, initial phonemes, and phoneme substitution.

Who Can Use These Word Work Activities?

These are available as individual units with three weeks in a unit. There are a total of 10 units. These align with the spelling skills and words from the Benchmark Advance curriculum, but they can be used in any classroom or homeschool setting. You don’t need any additional curricula or programs to use these.

Benchmark Advance Editions:

  • CA Edition
  • National Edition
  • 2021 Edition – The spelling patterns for each week are the same. Some of the words are different, though. If you’re not tied to your weekly spelling word list and instead place emphasis on learning the patterns and practicing phonological awareness skills, then this will be great!

See the Preview File For:

  • A look at each week’s spelling skills/patterns and words
  • Unit 1 Week 1 (free download)

Included Activities For Each Week:

  • Onset and Rime: Students cut out the onsets and rimes that make up the spelling words. They can arrange them and make real and nonsense words.
  • Roll-A-Word: Students roll dice and use the corresponding numbers to make real and nonsense words using the onsets and rimes.
  • Count the Sounds: Students color in squares to represent the number of phonemes in each word.
  • Word Build: Students cut apart the phoneme and blend squares to build their words. They paste the letters onto the mat.
  • Letter Colors: Students color the spelling pattern in each word.
  • Type to Spell: Students color the letters that make up each spelling word on the mini keyboards.
  • Highlight: Students highlight the spelling pattern in the spelling words and new words that follow the same pattern.
  • Sentences: Students write a sentence for each word.
  • Rhyming: Students read the set of words and circle the ones that match.
  • Word Riddles: Students read the riddles and use phonemic awareness to solve for each missing word.
  • Initial Sounds: Students string together the initial sounds from a set of words to reveal each spelling word.
  • Sound Substitution: Students substitute certain phonemes in words to reveal a spelling word.

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Hands-On Word Work Activities (Benchmark Advance, First Grade, Unit 2)


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