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These famous inventor posters can be used in a variety of ways! They come in full- size (8.5 x 11) posters and mini-posters with four to a page. Both color and black & white included.

  1. Decor:
    Use as full-size posters on a bulletin board to instantly create an engaging display.
  2. Classroom Management Tool:

    Print all the mini-posters, laminate, and cut. Then, display the black & white posters on the board. Go over desired behavior (on task, participation, etc.) and establish a class prize. Whenever you see the desired behavior, adhere one color poster on top of the corresponding b & w inventor poster. Once they have a certain amount covered, they earn their class prize.

  3. Create a Collaborative Class Timeline:

    Group students and give each group a few of the inventor posters. Have them research the invention they are most famous for and the year it was invented and write it on the back of the poster. Then, as a class, create a giant timeline, placing the posters in time order.

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Famous Inventor Posters


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