Technology & Printing FAQ

Here are some tips for printing Markers and Minions resources. Most of what we design is converted to a PDF to preserve fonts and formatting, and to protect the resource.

We recommend using the free PDF viewer, Adobe Reader, to open and print all resources. Printing from Preview or straight from your browser doesn’t give you as much flexibility.

Here are some general tips to follow while printing:

1. Experiment with the “page sizing and handling” option
If you’re trying to print something and the folds don’t line up or if it looks off-center, you’ll want to play around with these settings in the print box. A lot of it depends on your printer, which makes it hard to recommend one print setting. We typically set it to “actual size” and click on either “portrait” or “landscape” instead of leaving that on “auto.” If these settings don’t work, try “fit” or try a custom percentage.

2. Double-sided printing
To print double-sided, check the box that says “print on both sides of paper.” Then, you’ll see two options. Select the “flip on short end” option. This should make it so that the back page is not upside down when flipped over.
Printing double-sided is not for everyone! If it makes you want to throw your printer out the window, I recommend printing single-sided and then copying back-to-back with your school copier 🙂

3. Filling Out, Saving, and Printing a PDF
This is for those of you who own one of our resources that involve editing a PDF. You do not need to purchase Adobe Acrobat! All you need to do it type into the blue boxes, which are called “form fields” in the Adobe world. Occasionally, it won’t let you Save or Print afterward, though. Here’s how to fix that: Simply save it as a new file. Click File > Save As and then rename the file. Then it’ll be saved and you can print from that copy.

If you are still running into issues and if you purchased the resource off of Teachers Pay Teachers, you can contact the TpT tech support by clicking here. They’re great at this sort of thing! If you purchased the resource off of our website, you can email us at for support.

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