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Click the button above to join my Benchmark Advance Planning, Organization, and Tips Facebook group to receive support and collaborate with thousands of other teachers using the program. Join to watch my LIVE planning videos every Sunday evening at 4pm (PST), to access tons of free resources shared in our group’s files, and to see photos and videos of the program being implemented in K-6 classrooms. 

When you submit a request to join the group, please note that you must answer all three screening questions in order to be approved. I approve requests on Sundays. In an effort to keep the group positive and collaborative, there are 5 rules you must follow as a member of our group. 

1. Remember, this is not a place to complain about teaching, our curriculum, or about each other. It’s a place to brainstorm solutions and get ideas from one another.

2. Please do not use this as a platform for self-promotion. Do not post links to outside resources – free or paid. If you have a resource to share, you may upload it to the group files.

3. I work very hard to provide you with videos, free resources, content, and support, which I can justify with my TPT business. So please do not reference/promote other sellers’ content in this group. 

4. If you have something to share, upload it to the group files. No requesting emails or having people email you. 

5. Above all else, please have an open mind! Benchmark is new and we are all figuring it out. Keeping an open mind and remaining open to new learning is what we’re all about!

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