The Best Tool to Organize Your Teaching

I recently stumbled upon a program that is an absolute GAME CHANGER for teachers. It is seriously life-changing. Friends, allow me to introduce you to Airtable – your newest obsession.

Before I explain – here’s an invite link you can use to join if you’d like. Best part… it’s free to use Airtable! And… drumroll… I’ve shared a link to my Teaching base for free at the end of this post. 🙂

What is Airtable?

First of all, Airtable is an organizational tool that allows you to create and manage lists. Since it’s cloud-based, you can access it from any device and it updates automatically. You can categorize the tasks in each base however you want; I like to categorize them by either “Priority” (high, med, low), or “Status” (to-do, in progress, complete). For each task that you enter into your base, you can add in attachments, links, notes, collaborators – you name it!

It’s a little difficult to grasp without seeing what I actually mean, so I’ll give you a little tour of my Airtable workspace. Since learning about Airtable, I’ve made the following “bases” to help me keep track of and balance my entire life (personal and work). Here’s what my “workspace” looks like. I have ten bases so far.

My Airtable Bases

A Look Inside My ‘Teaching’ Base

Markers and Minions Teaching Airtable Base

I created a teaching base to help me organize all things teaching. Once you create a new base, you can select different view options. The different view options are Grid, which looks like a spreadsheet, Calendar, Form, Gallery, and Kanban. I am Team Kanban all that way! Look how visual that is!!

First start by looking across the top at the different tabs. You can create a tab for each subject or category that you need. I have tabs for: Back to School Prep, ELA, Math, Parent Volunteers, and Adjunct Duties.

Within each one, I have my tasks categorized by status. You’ll see I have a “stack” for ‘To-Do,’ ‘In Progress,’ and ‘Complete.’ Each task that you add in is called a record. You can add a new record and then drag and drop it into the appropriate stack. As I complete a task, I drag it over to the ‘Complete’ stack. If I start on something and don’t finish it, I move it to ‘In Progress.’

See how some of the records have pictures? You can add those in as attachments. This is great for attaching documents that need printing or copying, photos for inspiration, etc.

When I add a new record or when I click on an existing one, it opens up to show all your different ‘fields.’ The fields I set up in my Teaching base are: Notes, Status, Who Will Complete This, Links, and Attachments. You can add in as many fields as you’d like.

A note about the “Who Will Complete This” field: this is where you can assign the task to one of your teaching partners. You can add your whole grade-level team to your base by sending them a collaborator link (similar to sharing on Google Drive). So cool. Once they’re added as collaborators, if you select their name under “Who Will Complete This,” it notifies them of what they need to do. Holy efficiency!!!!!

If you like my base, feel free to grab a copy and use it for yourself! Once opened, you’ll see “Copy Base” in the upper right hand corner and a copy will generate that you can customize and use.

When you open it up, it’ll default to Grid View. If you like the Kanban view better (like my pictures), click on the drop down and change it. Here’s what that looks like.

Benchmark Advance Teachers

I’ve created a Benchmark Airtable base that helps you organize all your Benchmark teaching! There are tables for Small Groups (that you can sort by reading level or team), Review & Routines, and all 10 units!

Benchmark Advance Airtable Base

Hi! I’m Toluca from Markers and Minions, where I help teachers feel more effective and confident with high-quality resources and an awesome teacher community!

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