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Mental Health: Our Students Are STRESSED OUT!

We’ve all seen these behaviors in students at one time or another. Often, we see them daily in a variety of forms. Many times, we label these actions as “misbehavior” and are quick to dole out consequences.
In reality, each time a child acts out, there is usually a deeper reason behind it. Fear of failure. Confusion. Stress from home life. Insecurity. Low self-esteem. Traumatic experiences.

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Picture Books that Teach Students Perseverance, Dedication, and Hard Work

Growth mindset is one of the most important values we can instill in our students. Growth mindset teaches that no matter what, we are capable of succeeding with the right amount of perseverance, dedication, and hard work. What teacher wouldn’t want to base lessons on this concept? Inspirational mentor texts are one of the best methods to teach growth mindset, in my experience.

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Picture Books for Point of View

How do you teach point of view to your students? It’s one of the most important concepts we can teach because it helps our kiddos take other people’s experiences, feelings, and life situations into account. In other words, empathy!

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Six Picture Books for Teaching Positive Self-Image

It’s not easy being a kid! Helping our students develop a positive self-image is one of the most important roles we can play as teachers. One of my favorite themed units to teach is “Be Yourself,” where we explore what makes us unique and learn to celebrate our differences.

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