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Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests


Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests include a spelling test for every week of every unit (a total of 30 tests). These tests use the same testing language as the Benchmark weekly/unit tests, except unlike the BA tests, these ones actually test the week’s words. Click here to see a preview.

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Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests

This resource includes spelling tests for the entire year! They cover all the main spelling patterns in third grade. There is a paper version and each test also comes as a self-grading Google Form quiz to assign digitally! The spelling patterns and words follow the Benchmark Advance curriculum, but they can be used in ANY classroom. These tests use the same testing language as the Benchmark weekly/unit tests, except unlike the BA tests, these ones actually test the week’s words. There are also answer keys for every test.

Check out the preview file to download Unit 1 Week 1 for free!

Why use these Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests?

Traditional spelling tests require students to focus on memorization, but oftentimes, we see students forget the spelling of words when it comes to actual application in writing. This is a year-long resource that can replace your traditional spelling tests. These can also prepare students for the actual Benchmark tests and perhaps even the state tests because they help students become familiar with the types of questions. According to the CCSS, there is no specific standard for spelling. There are foundational reading standards that relate to phonics, reading, and word study. These spelling tests mostly assess spelling patterns. There are some questions that require students to pick the word spelled correctly, but most of the questions focus on choosing words that have the same vowel sound, similar syllabication, etc.

Some of the types of questions include:

  1. Which of the following words is spelled correctly?
  2. Which word has the same vowel sound as the word ___?
  3. The (sound) in (word) has the same (sound) in the word –
  4. Sentence writing
  5. Questions that require students to select two answers

To Which Editions of Benchmark Do These Align?

  • CA Edition and National Edition (one file)
  • 2021/2022 and Florida Editions (one file)


Do you need this resource for more than one teacher or classroom?

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Terms of Use

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2 reviews for Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests

  1. BARBARA CASIMIRO (verified owner)

    I am so excited to use this for the upcoming school year. It is so much more beneficial than traditional spelling tests.

  2. isabel Strobel (verified owner)

    The self-grading spelling tests have been incredibly helpful during distance learning. I assign them as asynchronous work on Fridays.

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Benchmark Advance Third Spelling Test

Benchmark Advance Third Grade Spelling Tests