Science of Reading: Word of the Day – R-Controlled Vowels (air, are, ear, ere)


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This word study resource is a daily 10-minute teaching routine that helps students learn the air, are, ere, and ear r-controlled vowel spelling patterns. In addition, they will analyze roots, affixes, phonemes, morphology, and syllabication.

Designed for grades 2-5, this resource will help your students unlock the code and become skilled readers and spellers. With engaging Google Slides presentations, a comprehensive teacher guide, and a student recording sheet, this resource is a must-have for any teacher looking to close gaps in early foundational reading skills in an upper elementary classroom.


What’s Included In This Resource?

  • Google Slides (used to teach/analyze each word):
    • There are a total of 10 words in your slide deck.
    • There are 5 spelling patterns. For each spelling pattern, there are two words: one for modeling during your lesson and one for guided practice.
    • Included spelling patterns: air, are, ere, ear


  • Teacher Guide: Not quite sure what the syllable division rules are? Or what a schwa vowel sound is? Or what to point out when focusing on morphology? Don’t worry… the teacher guide will walk you through all of this! It includes a detailed analysis of each word in your deck. From how to divide the word into syllables, to spelling patterns, to word parts, to pronunciation.
  • Student Recording Sheet: If you want your students to follow along paper/pencil as you are analyzing the word(s) of the day, print out the student recording sheet so they can –
    • identify the part of speech
    • label syllables
    • label short and long vowels
    • circle digraphs, blends, glued sounds, vowel teams, or silent letters
    • highlight roots, prefixes, and suffixes


What Does The Routine Look Like?

  • Step 1: Prep by printing out your teacher guide and making copies of the student recording sheet
  • Step 2: Put your Google Slides presentation in slideshow mode and as you work your way through the teacher guide mini-lesson, click for the animations to occur on the Slide
  • Step 3: You have two words for each pattern. Use word #1 to model during your lesson, and then use word #2 for guided practice.

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Science of Reading: Word of the Day – R-Controlled Vowels (air, are, ear, ere)


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