COVID Primary Source Digital Journal for Distance Learning (English + Spanish)


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We keep hearing about how this is such an unprecedented time. It’s uncertain and downright scary at times, but it’s also neat to think of it as living history. This will be written about in history books someday. Future generations will learn about this and will try to imagine a time in history when people were quarantined, schools, sports, and major events were cancelled, and everything was closed.

This digital journal is a way for children to create a primary source of their own history. Over the next few months, the most valuable thing they can do is journal their day-to-day lives. They should record their daily activities – what they do, how they learn, what they eat. Most importantly, they should share their feelings throughout all of this.

Ways to Use This Journal:

  • Children can complete this digitally on PowerPoint or Google Slides (Slides link included).
  • These can also be printed out so children can complete in their own handwriting.
  • Use the pages you want! Make extra copies of some if you want children to answer them more than once over time. Move them around. Delete some. Add some. I included doubles of some of the pages that I thought would be worth repeating.
  • The white spaces are for adding in pictures. Have children add in photos digitally or they can print or draw pictures.

What’s Included:

  • A PowerPoint file for Microsoft users with text boxes included (both English and Spanish)
  • A Google Slides version for Google users (both English and Spanish)
  • 20 slides: a cover page, an “about the author” page, and slides with journal prompts that ask about a child’s daily life. Note: I repeated a couple of the slides more than once because I felt they were worth repeating and having children answer more than once throughout this process. (i.e. “How are you feeling today?”)
  • A slide that is left blank with space to add in your own journal prompt

Terms of Use

One license per teacher. You may use this with your own students. Please do not share freely with colleagues. You may post digitally to your private LMS (learning management system).


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COVID Primary Source Digital Journal for Distance Learning (English + Spanish)


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