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Benchmark Advance Sixth Grade Bundle


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Benchmark Advance Sixth Grade Bundle

This bundle gives you everything you need to successfully implement Benchmark Advance in your whole group lessons and centers! Resources include focus wall posters, writing booklets, and text-dependent questions bookmarks. These resources are only aligned to the CA Edition of Benchmark Advance, with the exception of the Text-Dependent Question Bookmarks, which work for both the CA and National Editions.

What you get in this bundle:

– The focus wall posters help you stay organized and on track and visually display all of your week’s learning targets. Kids can refer to them during their workstations.
– The writing booklets help you stay on track with your daily Benchmark writing, from analyzing the prompt to revising and editing writing. They are used whole class during your writing lessons, and finished independently in centers.
– The text-dependent question bookmarks include 10 questions that pair with the Benchmark unit texts, and they fit perfectly in the student magazines. Perfect for an independent reading workstation!

What makes this resource amazing?

The Benchmark Advance curriculum is confusing. This bundle takes out the guesswork. You can use these resources not only during your whole group lessons, but also in your small groups. ? This bundle has been used in thousands of classrooms around the world, and consistently receives praise! Teachers say that this bundle is the most extensive and thorough Benchmark Advance resource out there. Comments I see about my Benchmark Advance bundles include: “helps me stay on track,” “allows me to fit everything in,” and “makes me feel more organized.”


Focus Walls Posters

Writing Booklets

Text-Dependent Questions Bookmarks


Library of Free K-6 Resources

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Terms of Use

This is a single license good for one classroom. If you would like to share with a colleague, please purchase an additional license at a discount. Thank you!


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Benchmark Advance Sixth Grade Bundle

Benchmark Advance Sixth Grade Bundle