Airtable Base for Organizing Benchmark Advance Units


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Are you ready to take your Benchmark (and LIFE) organization to the next level?!?!?

This is for techie teachers. If you’re not familiar with Airtable, the preview file for this resource is going to look confusing. Please read this blog post about Airtable, first. You can download a free Airtable base linked at the end of the blog post to try out before purchasing this one. * You must have Airtable to make this work!

To watch a video I recorded live in my Facebook group that shows all the contents of this base, click here.

Once you download this, you’ll get the same file as the preview file, EXCEPT, the first page will have a link to create a copy of the base (Airtable works like Google Drive – you have to create a copy to not edit someone’s original).

Disclaimer: This resource does not teach you how to use Airtable. Airtable has some really great tutorial videos to get you started. I did not create, invent, or build the Airtable software. This is simply just a base that I configured that you can use with your Airtable account, which is free to use. I received permission to redistribute my pre-configured base.

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PLEASE respect the time and effort I put into creating this by NOT sharing it with others. If another teacher you know is interested in using this too, they can purchase an additional license at a discount. You may NOT upload a link to this resource anywhere online (district server, school site, Facebook groups, shared Google Drive folders, etc). You may not redistribute or repackage this base to sell.







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Airtable Base for Organizing Benchmark Advance Units


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