Planned For Me – Unit 1 Freebie!

The Planned For Me resource line is one of the Markers and Minions best-sellers!

This resource includes all 10 units of Benchmark Advance planned for you using the Markers and Minions strategies. Each unit comes with pre-filled planning templates with the lesson parts being editable. While planning, I took notes on the decisions that I made based on what I would do with my own class. After reading the notes, you can decide if these planning decisions work for you, too. If not, simply edit the templates. Also included with the notes are extension ideas for each unit. They range from simple art activities to big projects. In addition to all of this, I have also designed anchor charts to introduce each unit. You can trace the chart onto butcher paper or you can print and enlarge it. There is also a student version of each anchor chart, meant to be printed on regular paper, that the students can complete as you are teaching your chart. It has fill-in-the-blank sections under each category of the chart.

The Planned For Me pack is available for grades K-5 and they are updated to align with all editions (CA, National, 2021/2022, and Florida).

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