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Support For Parents During School Closures

This is an unprecedented time for parents, children, and educators, and it is an opportunity to come together and support one another. Please join the Parents + Teachers Facebook Group for daily support and collaboration. WE GOT THIS!

I will be updating this page frequently with resources and links.
Bookmark it and check back daily.

Daily Social Challenges for Kids

I will be releasing one social/emotional challenge each day for kids to complete. In addition to fostering social & emotional skills, these challenges also tie in reading and writing. They come in both English and Spanish.

If your child completes a challenge, let us know in the Parents + Teachers Facebook group so we can create a feeling of community and collaboration for our children.

March 17 Challenge: Write out some of the lyrics to your favorite song and draw what the song makes you visualize when you hear it. Click here to download the student page to fill out.

March 18 Challenge: Write a set of rules for your house. Why did you pick these rules? Which one are you going to work on? Click here to download the student page.

March 19 Challenge: Spread kindness and do a good deed for someone. What did you do? How did they feel? How did you feel? Click here to download the student page.

March 20 Challenge: Can you follow a recipe? Cook or bake with a family member. Write down the recipe and draw a picture of what you made. Click here to download the student page.

March 24 Challenge: Write a math word problem about items in your house. Then write the number sentence and solve. Include a picture to help you solve. Click here to download the student page.

March 25 Challenge: Practice a sport. Write about how to play it and what body parts you used while playing. Could you feel your heart beat faster while you played? Write about how your body felt and draw pictures of you playing. Click here to download the student page.

Teacher-Created Educational Resources for Parents to Give to Children

I create resources for teachers. During this time, I am modifying my existing resources so they can be given to children and completed at home. Grab free samples below (enough to last the next couple of weeks), or purchase full resources here.

Language Arts

High-Frequency Word Practice Pages (Level 1):

Children read and write commonly used words. Recommended for grades TK and K. Enter your email below to have it sent to you.

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    Fluency & High-Frequency Word Practice Pages (Level 2):

    Children read and write commonly used words, and read fluency passages that contain the words. Recommended for grades 1 and 2. Enter your email below to have it sent to you.

    first grade HFW fluency
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      Famous Inventors Reading Comprehension Passages and Lessons

      This pack has two reading passages and 12 days worth of standards-aligned close reading lessons. The passages are biographical texts about Alexander Graham Bell and Samuel Morse. Recommended for grades 3-5. (Second grade parents could potentially try this, too, but it may be a bit challenging). These are meant to be completed with your child as a guided lesson. Enter your email below to have it sent to you.

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        These reading passages are for practicing reading comprehension and for learning about social and emotional issues. Each passage depicts a relatable scenario that relates to social or emotional issues bigger kids may face (anxiety, peer pressure, etc.). The comprehension questions require students to analyze characters’ feelings and body language. Enter your email to have one of the passages emailed to you.

        SEL Resource
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          Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

          This pack is good for your children to practice reading and solving addition and subtraction word problems. There are two addition pages and two subtraction pages, plus answer keys for each one. Enter your email below to have it emailed to you.

          pigeon math addition and subtraction
          First Grade Word Problems:
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            Second Grade Word Problems:
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              This is an activity that allows children to practice their writing skills by using familiar picture books. I call these Mentor Text (Picture Book) Writing Prompts. Children read or listen to the picture book and then answer a writing prompt that goes with the story. It takes them through the process of analyzing the writing prompt, incorporating a quote from the story, writing a draft, and then revising and editing. This can be adapted for various grade levels and writing abilities. Enter your email below to download a copy of this writing unit.

              Mentor Texts Writing Prompts
              Mentor Texts Writing Prompts by Markers and Minions
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                Online Learning Offering Free Services


                • ABCMouse
                • Adventure Academy
                • Scholastic Learn at Home
                • Storyline Online reads stories aloud
                • Vooks reads stories aloud. They are offering a month free, and are offering two free weeks of lesson plans. Click here for week 1 plans and here for week 2 plans.
                • Newsela I highly recommend this for grades 2+ for reading comprehension and standards-based questions that go with each article. Many teachers use this to supplement curriculum in their classrooms; it’s really strong.


                Science, Art, Enrichment

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