Google Forms: A Powerful Assessment Tool for Teachers

Google Forms are an amazing way to collect data from students. Whether you’re teaching virtually or in the classroom, Google Forms can be an efficient way to deliver assessments. You can not only create your own, but you can edit Google Form quizzes that others have created!

Here are three things you need to know about Google Forms. They can:

  • Self-grade with an answer key
  • Deliver feedback to students
  • Adapt and change based on student responses WHILE they are completing the Form

Google Forms Can Grade Themselves

That alone is a game-changer for teachers! In order to create a Google Form quiz, there are a few steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Click on the gear icon to open the settings on your Form, and then click on Quizzes. Here, you will check the option to “Make this a quiz” and then decide when you want to release the grade. I like to release the score immediately after the students submit their quizzes because I ask multiple choice questions. Choose the option “Later, after manual review” if you’re asking questions that require you to read through them, such as short answer responses.
google form quiz
  • Step 2: Write your questions and answer choices. You can add images in either the question area or the answer choice areas, or both. I like to include images to make the quiz more student-friendly.
    You can also decide how you would like the answer choices to appear. Choose from multiple choice, checkboxes, a dropdown list, short answer, any many other options. My go-to answer styles are multiple choice, checkboxes (for choosing more than one correct answer), and short answer.
google form quiz
Self-grading math quizzes for grades 2-5 available here.
  • Step 3: Set up your answer key. Assign a point value to the question in the upper right corner, and then choose the correct answer(s). If asking for a short answer response, set the parameters and type the correct response(s).

Google Forms Can Give Feedback to Students

You can automatically give students feedback for incorrect answer choices by building in the feedback as you create your answer key. If you set up an answer key along with the first part of my post, you probably saw the option to add in feedback. I like to choose the option to give feedback for incorrect answers, but you can also give feedback for correct ones, too. Your feedback can be as simple as a message to students explaining how to find the correct answer, or it can be as detailed as linking them to a website or YouTube video that reteaches the concept.

Google form quiz

Your Forms Can Be Adaptive

This is more of an advanced feature, but it’s amazing! You can actually set up your quiz to adapt and change the questions based on how the student is responding in the moment. Here’s an example of a Digital Reading Log that I created that adapts as the students progress through their Form. You can set something up like this by choosing the “Add Section” option on your Google Form.

Google Forms Created By Markers and Minions

Check out the various Google Forms I have created to help streamline your teaching!

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