Markers and Minions Digital Resources

Due to the Coronavirus, many of us are faced with school closures and are left to figure out how to teach remotely. Here is a list of Markers and Minions resources that are digital, so students can complete them at home from a device.

Benchmark Advance Resources That Are Digital

Close Reading Companions: Through an amazing collaboration of teachers, these are now fully digitized on Google Slides for all ten units, for each grade level! Thank you to the teachers who volunteered to help on this project!
Unit Opener Daily Questions: A digital question a day for every week, every unit. Total of 150 questions. Available for grades 2-5.
Spelling Tests: All of the spelling tests are digitized as self-grading Google Forms!
Text-Dependent Questions Bookmarks: Second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade bookmarks have two new updates. First, there is now also a full-page option for kids who need more writing space. Second, those full pages were digitized on Google Slides.
Word Work Pamphlets: These have been converted to Google Slides and are available for grades 1-5.
Writing Companions: These are the original writing booklets, turned full-page and digitized on Google Slides. Available for grades 1-5.

Markers and Minions Digital Resources

Digital Language Arts Graphic Organizers

This comes with 37 language arts maps that are digitally completed by students using Google Slides. They are generic graphic organizers, so they can be used with any text, both fiction and nonfiction! There are slides for spelling practice, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.

digital maps

Digital Student Portfolio (End-of-Year Project)

The end of the school year is a special time to reflect on growth, friendships that were made, and wonderful moments that were shared. It can be hard to connect with students during distance learning, but this paperless assignment will remind students of the amazing year that you spent together.

This digital portfolio is more than just a memory book. Sure, students write about their friends, class, teacher, and their favorite moments… But they are also given the opportunity to feel proud of themselves. They write about what they are good at, things that are important to them, and what they have learned. There is a page for the teacher to write a “letter of recommendation” for the student that will make them beam with pride. Each year when I assign this project, my students complete the components with hopes of sharing their portfolios with their new teacher the next year.

Social and Emotional Learning Reading Comprehension (Big Feelings for Big Kids)

Combine social and emotional learning (SEL) with reading comprehension using these 18 paper + digital passages. Each passage depicts a scene with characters experiencing complex feelings and emotions that upper elementary students may face in their own lives. The passages require students to use evidence from the text in order to analyze character feelings and body language. Then, students must reflect on how they would solve the problem. With this resource, students are reading, finding text evidence, analyzing characters and emotions, problem-solving, and empathizing.

Digital Reading Response Notebooks

These digital response to reading notebooks include response to reading questions for every third grade literature and informational standard! The text boxes are already included, so it’s easy for students to begin typing their responses. The prompts are organized by standard and color-coded. They are compatible with both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams and available for grades 1-5.

Class Apps Digital Learning Reports

These are fun mini-research projects that students complete independently on Google Slides. They choose a topic and then complete the questions on the research pages. Then, they plug their research into a presentation. It’s fully guided and does not require any pre-teaching. I have one for Animals and one for Famous Inventors.

Digital Interactive Math Slides (Plus Self-Grading Quizzes)

Interactive Math Slides provide review, practice, and enrichment in an engaging and meaningful way. These interactive slides are fully digital, providing you with a paperless, no-prep resource! The mathematical concepts are represented visually as students will drag, drop, and sort images. A self-grading Google Forms quiz is also included as a follow-up that will provide you with valuable data. This is perfect for assigning in your virtual classroom!

Digital Community Research Project

This community research project guides students through exploring their town’s history/traditions, economy (business), geography, and places to visit. Then, students create their own newspaper column about their community. The research pages and newspaper templates are also included as Google Slides so students can complete this digitally as well. This does not require pre-teaching.

How to Assign Resources Online

You have a couple of options for getting digital resources on your students’ devices.

Create a “Force Copy” link
This is a way to share a Google resource without having everyone edit your original. You can use this trick with Slides, Docs, Forms… anything on Drive! You’re going to actually modify the URL and then give students (or anyone you’re sharing with) the modified link. It sounds tricky, but it’s really simply. Then, once you have that /copy link, you can paste that in Google Classroom, in an email, on a Padlet, on a Peardeck, etc. Here’s a video showing how to do this.

Google Classroom
If you use GC, you can create an assignment and include the link to the resource in the assignment. Click on “Make a copy for each student.” Here’s a video walking you through this.

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