Student Engagement

How to Fit in Projects with Benchmark Advance

Spoiler Alert: The key to fitting in all the Benchmark Advance curriculum is … you don’t! I’ve been hearing lots of frustration and worry from teachers in my group lately surrounding this exact topic, so I wanted to address it on the blog. I don’t have time!How do you find

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Questioning Strategy while Reading

“Flipping” the Read Aloud

“I have come to believe that the person who is asking the questions is the person who has done the thinking.” In a fascinating article about how to “flip” your read aloud, Lester Laminack writes that as teachers, we are doing the heavy lifting by generating the questions for our

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A Collaborative List of Great Read Aloud Titles

I see this question pop up all the time; “What are some suggested read alouds for xx grade?” I decided to create a LIVE Google Slides document where we can all go in and add our suggestions for good read alouds. You can also use the list to get suggestions. As with all things collaborative, remember to give more than you take so that the list can grow into a valuable resource for everyone!

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The Big Cheese: Daily Shared Writing

Writing + Community Building = Awesomeness When it was time for me to graduate from the fifth grade, we were told that our culmination theme was “America, the Beautiful,” and that there would be a speech writing contest where the winner could read their speech at the ceremony. I remember

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