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Thanks for stopping by my blog. Here’s where I share tips and ideas around literacy, math, small groups, and student collaboration.

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Benchmark Advance Assessments in Distance Learning

I recently polled teachers in my Benchmark Advance Planning, Organization, and Tips Facebook group to learn about how they are assessing students during distance learning. I asked teachers specifically about how they are assessing for Benchmark and if they were using the Benchmark Advance assessments. I found that some teachers are not giving the assessments at all, some are assigning them just to monitor progress (not record actual grades), and others are using them for true formative assessment.

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4 Tips for Doing PBL in a Digital Classroom

During a regular year, it can be hard to find the time to fit in projects and project-based learning assignments. With this year being as difficult as it already is, making time for projects may be the last thing on your priority list, but it doesn’t have to be a crazy and overwhelming thing! You can incorporate PBL even in a distance learning environment.

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Managing Small Groups During Distance Learning

I recently polled teachers in my Facebook group to learn about the different ways teachers are running and managing small group instruction during distance learning. There were many different strategies and tips shared that I will outline for you in this post.

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What Is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry-based learning is learning that revolves around a question. It’s a teaching method that harnesses a child’s curiosity and encourages them to learn more because they want to, not because it will be on the test.

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Teacher Mental Health: Digital Detox

This is not a typical teacher post. However, with the huge push towards digital “everything” as a result of the pandemic, I imagine other teachers are also feeling what I have been feeling lately. I have begun to question my digital media consumption. I’ve come to the realization that while I love technology and social media, it really isn’t healthy in the amounts that many of us consume it.

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Teacher Google Site

Your site can serve as a central hub for ALL things related to you and your teaching. You can link your site on your learning management platform, at the footer of your email, in Dojo, on class social media pages… really anywhere! Here are three reasons why you need a Google Site!

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