A Digital Project for the End of the School Year

Digital Student Portfolio

The end of the school year is a special time to reflect on growth, friendships that were made, and wonderful moments that were shared. It can be hard to connect with students during distance learning, but this paperless assignment will remind students of the amazing year that you spent together.

This digital portfolio is more than just a memory book. Sure, students write about their friends, class, teacher, and their favorite moments… But they are also given the opportunity to feel proud of themselves. They write about what they are good at, things that are important to them, and what they have learned. There is a page for the teacher to write a “letter of recommendation” for the student that will make them beam with pride. Each year when I assign this project, my students complete the components with hopes of sharing their portfolios with their new teacher the next year. 

This is perfect for distance learning because it’s low stress and focuses on the positive times you had together while still in the classroom!

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